The Institute submits further proposals in the Horizon 2020 and European Space Agency programs

In January the Institute submitted another proposal within Horizon 2020 programme, for ?Big Data technologies and extreme-scale analytics? (ICT-51-2020) topic. The project concerns the construction of the CHRONOS system, that aims at the integration of the state-of-the-art in automated methodologies for information extraction and data fusion from Satellite Imagery Time Series (SITS) in synergy with process modelling and prediction results, methods of data assimilation, TS of in-situ observations, socio-economic factors, social media and data from a range of geo-information sources. We worked on the proposal with the following partners: EXPRIVIA SPA (Coordinator), Aalto-korkeakoulusaatio sr, German Aerospace Center, PLANETEK Italia SRL, Terradue SRL, TERRASIGNA SRL, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

In the coming months, the Institute plans to participate in subsequent projects of the H2020 program, in the area of building Knowledge Bases with regard to the spatial aspect and extraction of information using Artificial Intelligence methods.

At present, the Institute is working on another proposal under European Space Agency ITT 10105 entitled “Open Earth Engine Platform Analytical Capability”, which will be submitted in March. The aim of the project is to develop a scalable cloud platform called “EOpresto”, providing useful and efficient tools for analyzing and processing Earth Observation Data (EO) for various user groups. We work on the proposal with the following partners: Space Applications Services, GeoSystems Hellas.

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