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Project Description


Satellite images

Being the only authorised distributor of SpaceWill in Poland, the Institute offers images from several satellite constellations, imaging in the visible and microwave range. Below, the characteristics of selected sensors are presented.

Satellite name Ground pixel Spectral bands Orbit altitude Revisit time
SuperView-1 0,5 m B, G, R, NIR 530 km 2 days
GF-2 0,8 m/3,2m B, G, R, NIR 631 km 5 days
GF-1 2 m/8 m B, G, R, NIR 645 km 4 days
ZY-3 2,1 m/3,6 m/5,8 m B, G, R, NIR 506 km 5 days

We offer access to vast archival resources and the possibility to order images for the indicated area with competitive pricing.

For the detailed information on the offered imagery please refer to the brochure.