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Project Description



The research conducted by the Institute with regard to Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Information Systems/SDI and Graph Databases/Linked Data/Semantic Web is always related to specific implementations. Below, you will find the list of the most interesting ones, delivered in Poland and abroad:

  • CREODIAS ? discovery services for the European Space Agency (Brussels 2018)
    The Institute, together with Creotech and Cloud Ferro builds the DIAS system ? a platform for quick access to the vast Earth observation data resources (satellite data) and Copernicus thematic services, allowing for their easy and quick search, processing, and access thanks to ensuring a broad range of services for all industries.
  • Developing Semantic Web tools, Warsaw 2018
  • Extension of INSPIRE metadata tools and services for GUGiK (Warsaw 2018)
    The Institute, together with Kon-Dor consultancy performs, as part of developing CAPAP system, the task for the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography consisting in extending the metadata editor and validator, and ensuring the alignment of those tools with the requirements of INSPIRE directive, as well as the general requirements of CAPAP system.
  • CheckGreen (Frascati 2017)
    The Institute, together with the IT integrator, NEWIND and CBK PAN acting as a consulting centre, conducts a project for the European Space Agency on the use of satellite images from Copernicus programme to monitor the practices related to providing greenery as set out in the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • Developing Semantic Web metadata for PIG-PIB
  • Developing Semantic Web metadata for CODGiK
  • Implementing a semantic directory service in Podlasie region (Białystok 2015/2016)