Project Description


Semantic Component

Semantic Components is a powerful suite of tools, designed as a bridge between Geospatial domain and Semantic Web/Linked Data/graph databases world. It allows import/export and analysis of combined graph and GIS data as well as direct access from geospatial platform to RDF sources, SPARQL endpoints and graph databases.

The Semantic Component is robust tool designed as an extension to the proven GIS platform – Hexagon?s GeoMedia. It utilizes the power of most advanced RDF graph database – Franz?s AllegroGraph (some limited functionality available for other repositories compliant with W3C RDF and SPARQL e.g.: Sesame and Virtuoso). Semantic Components extends GeoMedia sophisticated visualization, analytic, and processing functionality with Linked Data and graph database access.

Key features:

  • Creation of new Linked Data datasets and graph databases,
  • Import of Linked Data and graph data into the GeoMedia environment,
  • Visualization of imported data using sophisticated cartographic algorithms,
  • Combined graph/spatial analysis,
  • Enrichment of the Linked Data using vast number of GeoMedia processing tools,
  • Export and publishing of data into Linked Data cloud,
  • Direct access to graph databases,
  • Direct access to SPARQL endpoints.